Monthly Archives: April 2012

One More Week!

A week from now we will be on our way to Thailand. It’s almost hard to believe that our trip is so soon! We’ve been busy raising support and getting everything together for our trip. It’s been awesome to see how God has provided everything that we’ve needed through so many mission minded churches and individuals. Our support raising process has been a huge encouragement! We’ve had relationships with most of the churches that are supporting us from our past missions and ministry experiences. Some churches supported Michelle’s family 20 years ago while they were missionaries in Russia! Other churches had supported us during our time as apprentice missionaries through the AIM program. While others were churches that we’ve had the opportunity to work in ministry with over the last several years. So it was neat to be able to reconnect with so many congregations from different parts of our lives and to see how God is still using them to bless us and His work!

In preparation, I’ve been teaching Michelle and few Thai words and phrases. There are some pretty good apps that we’ve found for our phones that can be used to practice basic phrases. While I lived in Thailand as an AIMer I was able to learn the language. Since it’s been a while that I’ve been back, my Thai has gotten a little rusty. The only time I really get to use it, is when we go out to eat Thai food. So I’m interested to see how well (or not) the language comes back to me while we’re there.

Until next time, here’s a Thai phrase that you can practice yourself, “พระเจ้าอวยพร” (Pra Jaow Oipon) which means, “God Bless!”