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Bangkok Bash

Last week, we had the Bangkok Bash benefit concert in town! It was a concert to help us raise special funds and at the same time offer something fun for our community. Our good friend and landlord Amanda Macer had the desire to do something special to help us with our support raising. So after a bit of brainstorming with Amanda and some of our friends from the Chamber of Commerce in town, we came up with the idea to do a benefit concert. The Bangkok Bash was held in Amanda’s photography studio that Michelle decorated with lanterns and Asian themed art that she made for the event. It’s because of all of help from our community (especially Amanda) that the event was such a success and awesome night!

Here we are with our good friend Amanda, we couldn’t have done it without all her help!

Five different local artist volunteered their time to play. They were all a little different in their musical style, and did such a great job! We were really looking forward to hearing Daniel, one of our first teens from the youth group, play at the Bangkok Bash. He’s now a college student at Belmont University studying music in Nashville. It was a blast getting to hear all of the talented local artist and definitely something special for our little town!

Daniel Roosevelt at the Bangkok Bash

We had a professional auctioneer volunteer to help with the live dessert auction, which several friends volunteer their talents by making yummy and amazing desserts for the auction. The auctioneer was hilarious and added a lot of fun and energy to the night!

We served authentic Bangkok street food like Moo Ping (Thai pork skewers), and Khao Phad (fried rice) and had Thai inspired dessert shooters that Amanda made. Everyone just loved all the food and many asked for recipes afterwards! 

Everyone loved the Moo Ping!

We also sold our “I Pray for Bangkok” t-shirts at the Bangkok Bash. We decided to sell the “I Pray for Bangkok” t-shirts to help us raise funds for things that we will be needing for Thailand that we didn’t want to include in our budget. Things like a laptop (the one that we use now is Gary’s work computer and belongs to the church) and a camera. Selling the t-shirts is way that we can use some of the “tent making” talents that God has blessed us with (like art and graphic design) to raise some of our own support for Thailand. The shirts have been a big hit and we’ve sold most of them! 

I Pray for Bangkok t-shirts on display

There was a great turnout for the Bangkok Bash! Many from our church here in Mt. Carmel came out for the night and some of Michelle’s family drove up from Kentucky to be a part of it. From the night, we were able to raise $1700! Click here to see more pictures from the Bangkok Bash. We feel very blessed to have such good friends in our lives here who helped us organize the event and who came out to support us with our missions efforts!