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Camp Cha Am Here We Come!

The Thai New Year called “Songkran” is approaching. Songkran is a major Thai holiday. Most people have several days off of work and will travel back to their hometowns to spend time with their families. Somprasong 4 Church of Christ hosts a national camp on the beach in Cha Am, Thailand over the holiday. Our church has been busy making plans for this year’s camp so it’s exciting to see everything coming together. The theme for this year’s camp is Keep On Keeping On and will focus on the growth we undergo as disciples as God leads us through difficult times. During camp there will be morning and evening Bible lessons, praise and worship, Bible classes for all ages, group games and activities, and lots of time hanging out!


Our assembly line to unloaded the truck.

This past Saturday we made the 3 hour drive with a group from church to start getting the camp grounds ready for everyone to come. We had so much equipment to take with us that we had to hire a special truck to take it all. Once we arrived to camp there was a lot to get done: from connecting all the light bulbs, to washing all the dishes, and laying new concrete slabs, and more! Everyone worked really hard to make sure everything was done in time, and of course we had lots of fun in between spending time together! 10253259_756378731061928_597083056_n

Gary helping dish out concrete for the new slab.

This camp basically marks the beginning of our busy summer ahead. Next month we’ll be returning to Cha Am for an English Camp with the nursing students from Suan Dusit. Then in June we have the Service Learning Project that we’re apart of leading in the north of Thailand. Then in July we’ll be attending the Asian Mission Forum in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We’re also excited to help host a couple of college groups that will visit from the States! While here they will be serving the church and taking part in some of these events. Pray that God takes hold of all that we have coming up as we approach the summer.  

Excited to be on the beach!

Excited to be on the beach!

Please keep the church in Thailand in your prayers over the weekend as many will be on the road traveling for camp. We’ll be hitting the road ourselves in the morning. Pray that God takes hold of everything we do at Camp Cha Am and that it can be a strong encouragement to all who attend!