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Kickoff to the Summer

Camp Cha-Am Bible Camp

We had a good turnout for our Bible camp in Cha-Am provence. Many Christians came from all over the country to spend time together over the holiday weekend. The camp went very smoothly and seemed like a big encouragement to all who came.

With our friends Lynn and Pee while making preparations for camp.

Excited to be at camp together!

This year camp had a larger international presence than in the past. Two of the guest speakers were American, a group came to visit from Cambodia and a group of Filipinos from our church came as well. Camp was a great time to meet and connect with other Thai Christians from across the country. This camp is a great way to help  keep close bonds between the Thai congregations and even more so, working on camp together as a church is something that strengthens the bond of unity at Soi 4.

Gary speaking during a morning session.

Gary speaking during a morning session.

Each year brother Glome and his daughter write a special song that goes along with the camp theme. Most of the worship songs that we sing are songs that have been translated from English into Thai. Songs like, “As A Deer”, “How Do You Explain” and “How Great Thou Art”. They are western in both musical style and imagery. These new camp songs, however, reflect the the Thai culture and because of it these songs hold a special place in the hearts of the Thai Christians.

Friendships Formed in One-On-One Studies


We are so thankful to have Bee and Pen as our students. They were both in the English class that we taught before at the church building and we now study English with them one-on-one using the Bible. It’s been a blessing to get to know them and we hope that our friendship will continue to grow all the more. 

A Formal Thai Engagement


We were recently invited to attend Bhee and Gradtae’s formal engagement in her hometown of Sisaket (8 hours north of Bangkok near Laos and Cambodia). Bhee is one of the ministers at Soi 4 and Gradtea is such a sweet servant of God. You can’t help but love the two of them and we’re blessed to call them our friends!

It’s customary that a formal ceremony is held to honor the parents of the bride-to-be. In this ceremony the groom-to-be gives the bride-to-be’s  family a dowery. It was truly a unique cultural experience to witness. We’re looking forward to their wedding this summer and seeing all that this awesome couple will do in the Kingdom!

Summer Help

Eating ice-cream together with the team of Aggies on their first night here.

Eating ice-cream together with the team of Aggies on their first night here.

This week we are having a couple groups come from America to help the church here. A group of students coming from the Aggies For Christ at Texas A&M just arrived that will be here for the week. They’ll then go to Chiang Mai for the rest of the summer. There will also be a team of 4 nursing students from Abilene Christian University that will be spending the summer with our church as interns. Both groups will help us this weekend with our English Camp. And at the beginning of June the ACU students will be a part of the Service Learning Project that we’ve been planning for that will take place in the north of Thailand. We’re excited to have these groups of young people joining us! Please keep them in your prayers and pray that God takes hold of all of the events we have coming up this summer!

*Cover photo by TopStep Photography