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Let the Summer Begin!

Bartlett Woods in Bangkok

It’s been a very busy kick off to summer! In mid May we were honored to have a Steve and Adam visit from our sponsoring church for a week. They came to be an encouragement to us and to see what our lives and work are like here in Bangkok. They had heard about Bangkok for a long time and have followed our updates, etc. So it was really neat for them to finally get to be here and see it firsthand! 

10-DSC03605During the week we were able to show them a glimpse into most of our ministries, Thai culture and city life. Check out the video we put together showing a few things we got to do together while they were here in Bangkok!


This past month we’ve been busy teaching the Bible to several of the BUR from church. It’s been encouraging to have so many want to study more about discipleship and baptism and many of our already Christians want have more in depth Bible studies! The Sunday that Steve and Adam were here we had 3 members from one family take on Christ in baptism! It was an amazing Sunday! Gary had first began studying with this family while some of them were in prison back in March. In the midst of that terrible circumstance, they saw God’s love from our church family and have been coming to be with our church ever since! Even to the point that the 3 were baptised! They were so excited to finally have God’s salvation and Spirit! They are such a sweet family, full of life and excitement and are eager to share their new hope with the rest of their family and friends!


Photo credit: Steve Burns

Mentoring ACU Interns

This week 4 nursing students from ACU’s WorldWide Witness joined us in our ministry and will be with us for the next 6 weeks. Last year we were able to mentor 4 students from the same program and it was such a blessing to us, the church here and to the girls! We’re hoping this summer is even more awesome!


Showing the girls around the neighborhood.

While they are here, Gary will be leading us in discipleship studies through the summer. We’ll visit several cultural places while teaching them about Thai culture. The girls will be joining us in our regular ministries and helping with a couple of special programs this summer as well. 


They’re official Bangkokians now! Getting their BTS (Skytrain) commuter cards!

Over their first week in Thailand the ACU girls have already seen a lot of the urban ministries that they’ll be part of this summer. These ministries are largely among the overlooked and marginalized people of the city and include outreach in one of the red light districts and serving the BUR community. A couple of mornings this week we passed out a small blessing of morning breakfast to the homeless at Lumpini Park. We’re proud of the ways that they’re so willing to boldly spread Christ’s love to others!

1-Action Cam Test Pics

Tomorrow we will start the Service Learning Project with Suan Dusit’s nursing school (the school where we have English Club). This year we’ll be heading to the Loei province in Northeastern, Thailand for 5 days to help with a medical mission in a small village. It will be a busy summer full of blessings all around! And we’re excited for what God has in store for our time together!