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Two Years in Thailand

We’ve been in Thailand for two years this week! It’s crazy to think about all that has happened in just these two years! The time has completely flown by. We’ve loved being a part of the ministry here and are thankful to have seen God at work in so many big ways during our time in Thailand. We are excited to share that, after a lot of thought and prayer, we’ve decided to return to Bangkok to do church planting in a different part of the city! Over these past two years we’ve seen many open doors and opportunities to expand the Kingdom in this city and we really believe that this is where God wants us. We’ll be returning to the States this December to spend the holidays with our families. And after that we will spend time visiting with supporters and churches and are hoping that we can return back to Thailand by the spring of 2016.

ACU Group Pic

We had another long and busy summer. This was our second year mentoring another Worldwide Witness team from ACU. They came to join us in our ministries here in Bangkok and to help with a medical mission in Loei, a small village in northeastern Thailand. The girls were a joy to work with and a great  blessing to our work, the church and especially to us! They did a great job pouring themselves out into the ministry here and we’re so proud of them and all that they’ve conquered through Christ during their time in Thailand! We have lots of pictures posted from the summer. Check out these albums to get a glimpse of what our summer was like together:

1-Two Year Cover Take two

This past Sunday we had two take on Christ in baptism! Both Anil and Kashif had been a part of Bible studies that we’ve had in the past but had not yet been convicted to be baptized themselves until recently. Anil had studied with one of our American members of the church named Mark. And Kashif studied with Bhee over the past couple of weeks. We’ve known both Kashif, Anil and their families for a long time now and are happy that they made the decision to be baptized!

Excited for Kashif!

Excited for Kashif!

During the summer we were asked to take a more active role again helping at the Citylight Coffee shop since they are currently understaffed. We’re excited to be helping with this ministry. We’ve really enjoyed the time that we’ve had to spend with the baristas there and look forward to getting to know them more. Those that know us know that we love coffee, and it’s awesome that we get to be a part of something that combines our passion of coffee and service to others into one! Please keep us and this ministry in your prayers.

city light 7