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Preparing for Our Visit to the States

Preparing for the States

Our last few months in Thailand were especially crazy as we were preparing for our visit to the States. It wasn’t easy moving out of the apartment we’ve called home for the past two years. We were busy closing accounts, transitioning out of our ministries, handing over responsibilities, in meetings, sending e-mails galore, making video calls to the States, working on future plans, saying goodbyes, (for a little while) …oh yeah AND packing! All of this, in preparation for our Stateside service. 

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Our Last Weekend With Somprasong 4

During our last weekend with Somprasong before heading back to the States the youth threw us a big surprise farewell party. They decked out the room in our favorite colors and even made us SUPER special t-shirts and a sweet video for us! We can’t even begin to tell you how loved we felt!


Then, on very little sleep, we had our last Sunday! Gary preached, and in his sermon, looked back on all that God has done over the past two years and how we need to continue to dream big for the Kingdom. Throughout the day many shared stories of our times together, their love and thanks. It made us realize that God has been at work in more ways than we ever even thought. With all that we’ve had going on, it was an encouraging and energizing boost in the middle of all of our craziness! We’ve loved working with Somprasong and we’ve missed our church family in Thailand a lot since we’ve been away!

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