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Replicate Bangkok Here We Go!

We’ve had an event packed time being back in the States on our short visit. Our first week back our sponsoring church hosted a Missionary Care Workshop conducted by Mark Brazle and Dottie Schulz of Missions Resource Network (MRN). Mark and Dottie did a great job leading the workshop. Spending time with the two of them and having the workshop really helped set off our time back with an encouraging boost! We’re so thankful for Bartlett Woods and the ways that they have shown care and support for us and our work in Thailand. And we’re amazed at the ways that they have invested in our longevity as missionaries there!


When we first walked into Bartlett Wood’s church building we were blown away by all of the Replicate Bangkok info that covered walls of seemingly every corner. They really did a great job utilizing the information that we put together to help the whole church understand our vision and strategy as we start this next phase in our ministry church planting.


Since we first started looking at the possibility of transitioning into Business as Mission we’ve done a lot of research, reading stacks of books, countless blogs and articles. We reached out to everyone we knew that had any experience in Business as Mission within our extended network. We soon began to realize that God has put a large number people in our lives to help us launch the dream and vision that He put on our hearts. In this e-mail we’ll highlight a few of these relationships and connections.

Business As Mission Conference

The best online resource that we’ve found on Business as Missions is hands down Their website is full of helpful tools, advice and resources for BAM practitioners and newbies like ourselves. The people and organization behind the website are some of the most experienced people in Business as Missions today. And guess what, they’re based in Northern, Thailand! We’ve been in touch with a few people in their group for a while now, and while we were back in Thailand they told us how they would be conducting this year’s BAM Conference in California during the time that we were already planning on being in the US. So we were able to join over 300 others from all over the world and attend the conference on our second weekend in the States. The BAM conference had a very full schedule going from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm. It was awesome hearing about all of the ways that God is at work in the world through Business as Mission. Our time at the conference was an encouraging confirmation of the road that God has prepared ahead of us.
While we were in LA for the BAM conference we were able to visit with Greg Williams for the first time in person. Greg is MRN’s Facilitator for Sustainable Missions and helps mission efforts all over the world take hold of sustainable models. Greg has a been a great help in offering advice and guidance as we make our transition into Business as Mission. On the final day we were able to go spend time with Greg over coffee, and dinner in nearby Long Beach. We can’t tell you how much his feedback on our vision and strategy for Bangkok and our business plan for the coffee shop means to us.

Center For Business As Mission at Lipscomb University

From California we took an overnight flight into Nashville, TN to meet with Rob Touchstone the director of Lipscomb’s Center for Business as Mission and visit with his team and students. We were able to present our pitch for how we see using a specialty coffee shop as a key tool in our discipleship, and church planting efforts in Bangkok to Rob’s Missional Entrepreneurship class. It was blast sharing about our plans, getting feedback and exchanging dialogue with the students. We’re excited to tell you that we’ll be partnering with both Lipscomb’s Center for Business as Mission and with The Well Coffeehouse as we launch our venture in Thailand! We’re so excited and encouraged to see how Lipscomb is taking hold of the opportunity to equip their students to make lasting impacts in this world for Christ!


Send Off At Bartlett Woods
On Sunday the 25th we had our Send Off Sunday with Bartlett Woods. Gary preached during the morning worship and afterwards they threw us a good bye fellowship meal. We can’t tell you how many people came up to us and said that they pray for us and Thailand daily! That means so much to us. We are so thankful for all of the love, prayers, support and encouragement that they have shown us! And are truly blown away by their giving spirits and heart for missions!  


Time With Family
From Memphis we went on to spend some time with Michelle’s family in Kentucky. In the middle of September our newest niece was born right on Michelle’s birthday and we were finally able to see her once we made it to Kentucky. People often ask us what we miss the most about living in the States. It seems like when people ask this they’re looking for an answer like, “Pop-Tarts”, “Chick-fil-A”, or “Pumpkin Spice Lattes”. But hands down the thing we miss the most is our time with our family and close friends. Living overseas we often miss out on the little special moments in one another lives that Facebook and Facetime simply cannot capture. So any time we can squeeze in time with our family is so treasured.

Every time we get together with all of Michelle’s family her mom wants to take family photos together since our family is always growing and changing and we rarely have those moments together. With it being Fall we all went out to get pictures at a pumpkin patch. It’s always fun seeing all of our nieces and nephews. It’s crazy to think how much bigger they’ll all be the next time we see them in a few years. These photos will be a great reminder of this time when our nieces and nephews were still so little!


While with Gary’s family out West we were able to be a part of such a special moment when we attended Jessica (Gary’s sister) and Logan’s baby reveal party and Pierce’s first birthday in Lubbock, TX. After landing in El Paso, Texas Saturday night and making it to Las Cruces, NM where Gary’s parents live, we drove all day Sunday to Lubbock to make it to the party then drove back to New Mexico the next day. It was a long trip but well worth it!


We spent our last few days in Albuquerque, NM where Gary grew up. We were just in time to catch the end of the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We were especially excited about it since it was the first time for Michelle, Logan and the kids to see it. In just a few hours (early Monday morning) we’ll fly back to Bangkok feeling extremely blessed by our visit. Thanks for all of the prayers for our time back. Please keep us in your prayers today as we make the long trip back to Thailand!