Monthly Archives: April 2017

Seek & You Shall Find

Searching for a Location
We’ve been vigorously searching for the location for our coffee shop for over 2 months now and are more than ready to have this phase accomplished. We’ve put a lot of energy into searching for a good location, crunching numbers and weighing out pros and cons to each place we’ve visited.

After all of our effort we believe that we may have finally found a place that will work for us and that holds great potential to meet all of our goals as a location of the coffee shop. Please be praying as we work out details of the leasing agreement. We’re hopeful that everything will work out with this location and we’ll be able to officially sign on it in the next couple of weeks.

Building Hunt Shot 2The picture above is from a visit we made to one of the locations that we were seriously considering but eventually decided against. We took our good friend Bhee, our interior designer and friend Wow Pramulwong (whom many of you will know as Van’s younger sister) and our contractor.

Meet Mac our Business Mentor
Gary was recently able to meet with Mac in person while he was in Bangkok. Not only is Mac an entrepreneur himself, he’s a business coach and consultant and an active player in the East Asia and South East Asia start-up scene. If there’s a start-up event in Bangkok or Hong Kong we wouldn’t be surprised to find Mac behind the scenes or in front and center as MC. Mac is also a food blogger and passionate about the growing restaurant and cafe industry in Asia and is very familiar with the market we’re entering in Bangkok. His knowledge and experience of the environment that we’re entering into has has been a great help. We’re thankful for all of the time and energy that’s he’s already invested in us. We wouldn’t have been able to make it as far as we have without his help, guidance and encouragement.

Level Three Speaking
Michelle’s been busy with her Thai studies and has now moved up to speaking level 3. It’s been challenging but she’s been able learn a lot. And she’s really enjoyed getting to know her teachers and classmates. Next month she’ll start level 4 which will focus on reading and writing. 

Missions Gathering
Earlier in March there was a small gathering held in Bangkok (of missionaries and native ministers) that focused on Disciple Making Movements in Asia. People came from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, China and India. While we know that our current focus is here in Thailand we ourselves continually keep the church and our friends working across the globe in our prayers!

Needs and Prayers
We’ve been working hard on preparing things for the shop. While we’re very excited to see some of the things that we’ve been working on and imagining for a long time finally happen, it’s also a bit scary having so much to consider. Many have asked what our current needs are right now. We need lots of prayers and need more funding. We currently still lack 20% of our seed funding goal for this BAM venture. Not having this goal reached is an additional stress on top of everything else. We’d love to see this goal reached soon so if you know of any individual, church or organization that might be able to partner with us by helping with our financial needs please let us know. 

Please continue to keep us and our ministry here in your prayers as we strive to take leaps of faith towards the path that God has placed before us.