We’re Finally Here!

Transitioning to Thailand

We’ve been in Thailand for two weeks now! Over the past two years we’ve spent so much time trying to get here it’s a little surreal to finally be here. Our journey here went smoothly. It was hard saying goodbye to our family as we left them at the airport but it is great to finally be here!

Watch the video below about our journey here! Click here to see pictures from our move! 

For now we’re trying to get everything set and in order for living here. We spent a lot of time apartment hunting our first week and after much looking, we finally found one that we hope to move into this Friday! Looking for an apartment has been a good way to learn more of Bangkok and get familiar with the areas around the Soi 4 church. Finding a place here takes a lot of time and energy. The best way to find something is to decide on an area you’d like to live and then walk around the neighborhood and go into buildings you’re interested in. Looking online is kind of a waste of time because most real estate agencies don’t keep their websites well updated! So we did a lot of walking, which was a work out especially because of the heat and humidity! They say in Thailand that there are three seasons, hot, hotter and rainy. Now is the rainy season. There have been a few times where we’ve had our search cut short because of all of the rain. We had a lot of help from Bhee, one of the Thai ministers here, and that has been a huge blessing!     

Joining the Soi 4 Team

We’ve already been able to get our feet a little wet with our ministry here! We’ve had a few meetings with the church staff about getting settled in, our involvement with the church and with the outreach that we’ll be involved in. They’ve been super welcoming and helpful and  we’re excited about working with this awesome group!

Last Thursday we had our first visit with the nursing school to teach English! The students there were excited to finally meet us and us them! It’s neat to think about how God has been preparing this group for us. We’re excited to get to know the students and staff there more in the coming months. We will only go to this nursing school once a week because of it’s distance. It takes an hour to go to the school and that’s if the traffic isn’t bad. Students there will have their finals soon so we won’t be able to teach them until next month. In the meantime we hope to concentrate more of our time getting to know the staff there.

First class at the nursing school!

First class at the nursing school!

On Friday nights we have small group at one of the members apartments. We call it the “Kitty’s house” small group because the member daughter’s nickname is Kitty. We had a great time eating, being encouraged by God’s word and each other. This coming week Gary will lead the group.

Our Sunday Gatherings  

Our first Sunday here was quite the full day! Sundays here normally are! We went out 6:30 a.m. to go see a Buddhist ceremony. There were 10,000 Buddhist monks and who knows how many participants. One of the streets just around the corner from the church building was completely blocked off just for the event. Before leaving the event the two of us stopped and prayed over the people there. That their hearts would be open to come to know the truth of the gospel.

Gathering of over 10,000 Buddhist Monks.

Gathering of over 10,000 Buddhist Monks.

For worship service Gary preached that morning, and then taught the young adult class. They had a fellowship meal together for lunch. They have one every Sunday. It was a great time to be able to talk and get to know more people in the church. After having lunch the church had a Bible Bowl competition over the life of David. The competition lasted all afternoon. Gary ended up joining a team that was a man down. It was a great way to encourage deeper Bible study and to have fun together!

This past week a few of the Thai ministers asked if we could make spaghetti for Sunday’s lunch –from scratch! They know that we love to cook and wanted to get us involved by sharing a dish that is popular in our own country! With travel time to go get the ingredients included, we ended up spending most of the day Saturday preparing the sauce. We had a lot of help from the young adults in the church, and it was great time to be able to be able to work together and get to know them more! The spaghetti seemed to be a big hit Sunday and it was a lot of fun to do!

Top: Gary preaching. Left: Michelle serving spaghetti Right: Gary preparing sauce

Top: Gary preaching. Left: Michelle serving spaghetti Right: Gary preparing sauce

Our First Package! 

Last Thursday afternoon Bhee, one of the Thai ministers, said that he had a package for us and we could hardly believe that a package had come so fast! But sure enough we had a FedEx package from our sponsoring church full of birthday cards for Michelle! It was a great surprise! We’re so blessed to have a sponsoring church that remembers us and looks for opportunities to encourage us and be involved in our lives and work!

Michelle with her package from our sponsoring church full of birthday cards!

Michelle with her package from our sponsoring church full of birthday cards!

Thanks everyone for all of your kind words and prayers as we’ve getting started with everything here in Thailand! We feel your love and support, and are so thankful to have so many friends who are excited about what God’s work! Keep praying for us as we continue to settle in here in Bangkok, and as we begin to get involved in peoples lives here.

Click here to see more pictures from our time here! 



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  1. Steve Burns says:

    It was great to read your update and to hear all about what you are doing. Also great to hear that you are doing well. Looking forward to hearing more about your work in the future.

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