The Hunt Is On

Where oh where will our coffee shop be, oh where oh where will it be? This is the question of the hour folks! Our business is now fully registered as a Thai company and we are on track to hopefully open the coffee shop this summer. Our main concentration now is looking for a building. Those of you who have moved before know how long and tedious the process of finding real estate can be. And searching for the right location in such a big city, like Bangkok, is challenging to say the least. For us this means we’ve been very busy visiting potential neighborhoods, searching online, meeting directly with realtors and staying in constant communication with them through email and messaging. Please keep our hunt for a location in your prayers since it will be such a big part of our work, church plant and lives here in the future.

Group ShotWe recently had John from The Well Coffeehouse in Nashville and his wife Jessica visit us for a few days. John is The Well’s Director of Coffee Education and often does coffee industry consulting for new coffee businesses. We first met while we were back in the States so it was great seeing them again and introducing them to Bangkok’s vast coffee culture so that they could understand more of the context that we’re working with and the market that we’re entering. We’re so thankful for the encouraging time that we had to spend with them and for their help and perspective on our plans during our startup phase.

16650451_10158233436540596_437686238_nMichelle is finally able to return to Thai school! When we first moved here she was only able to go for a month, so this whole time she has really only learned from daily interactions. The school that she’s going to seems to be really great. It’s all Thai, no English and she goes full time (5 days a week). It’s a great blessings for her to finally be able to go to school regularly and to have good focus on Thai, but it also adds more to our plates at such an already busy time. So please keep this in your prayers as she’ll be in school for the next several months before she can really take a break.
Thanks for all your love and support!

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