Time in Memphis and Our Departure Date

White Water Rafting Weekend

Last week we went on a rafting trip with the Bartlett Woods Youth Group to the Ocoee river. The Ocoee was once the home of the kayak route for the 1996 olympics. It’s thrilling class 4 rapids make for one exciting white water adventure! Although the Ocoee is still in Tennessee, it still takes about 5 hours to get there. So we drove down on Saturday. Stayed up that night for a midnight service together. Rafted all Sunday. Then returned to Memphis on Monday. Normally when Bartlett Woods goes on this trip each year they stay in a cabin. But this time everything was booked and we ended up staying at a hotel instead. The hotel was nice enough to let us use their hotel lobby for the midnight worship Friday night and our Sunday night devo. Sunday night after the devo, the hostess (who had been there both nights) asked if she could say something to our group. She said, “I just wanted to tell you how much of an encouragement you all have been to me.” She told us joyfully. She went on to share about how she was a recovered addict, who was only able to get things right in her life after giving everything up to Christ. She said that hearing our group sing was a huge spiritual encouragement and blessing. She went on to ask for continued prayers for her husband who was currently in Teen Challenge to fight his addiction as well. Gary asked if she minded us praying for her right there. She gladly took up the offer. Came from around her desk, and joined us in a prayer circle. The whole experience was a great reminder of the fact that we’re always called to be on mission with God. That at times when we least expect it there may be people all around us needing and wanting the love of Christ. The white water was pretty cool, but what happened in the hotel lobby that last night was awesome! We had a blast getting to know the teens and chaperons that weekend and the rafting was just a plus!

Having a blast on the river!

Having a blast on the river!

Sharing Thai Food With the Elders and the Missions Committee

Since we’ve been in Memphis we’ve been staying with Michelle’s aunt and uncle (Chris and Joyce). Joyce had the idea to host a dinner party for us at their house. So we invited all of the elders and the missions committee from Bartlett Woods and had them over for some home cooked Thai food! About 20 of them were able to come and most of the group had never had Thai food before! We made Moo Ping, (grilled pork skewers) Gang Panang (Panang curry) with rice and for dessert a coconut cake. It was all a big hit! We had a great evening and a lot of fun being able to spend more time with everyone! We couldn’t have done it without our amazing family! We’ve been so blessed by them during our time here!

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Departure Date

We’re excited to be able to tell you that we have our tickets to Thailand! It’s so nice to finally be able to tell people a date! We’ll be flying out of Nashville and making our way to Bangkok on Saturday, August 31st. Earlier today we sent off our visa applications and should have them back in just a few days! It’s nice to have these things taken care off and out of the way. It’s really starting to feel like our departure is just around the corner. Oh wait. . . that’s because it is!  Just three more weeks left here in the States and then we’re off!

Applying for visas!

Applying for visas!

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  1. Shirley/Charles Stanford says:

    So glad you can spend this time with us at Bartlett Woods.

  2. Johnna Carre says:

    I enjoyed reading your posts. Lots of love and prayers as you both go on your next adventure in the name of Christ. 🙂

  3. Jan Davis says:

    Happy for you guys. Know the feeling of excitement you must be having right now. I truly believe the Lord will provide when you are doing his work and wait for Him. Love you guys and our prayers are with you. What time is your flight from Nashville?

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