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We’re in the middle of our support raising process and have been busy contacting and visiting churches. Support raising, like many things in life, can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. We currently have almost half of our $3,800 monthly goal raised and have raised all of our one time support, but we are still looking for a sponsoring church. This has set us back on our time frame and are now hoping to be in Thailand by the beginning of July.

We’ve been able to speak at a few congregations in person and have talked with a large number of people on the phone and through e-mail. In all,  we’ve been in touch with churches across the country in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.

In mid March we went to the Tulsa Soulwinning Workshop (click here to see more pictures from our trip). Tulsa is a special place to us. We first met in Tulsa while Gary was doing a summer internship with the Memorial Drive church. While in Tulsa we were able to see a lot of great friends and mentors of ours who are involved in missions and ministry. We also got to hear some encouraging and challenging lessons from Francis Chan! It was also our first time to see our nephew Monroe in person! He was just one month old and really cute!

Fancis Chan speaking at the Tulsa Workshop

This was a special year at Tulsa for the Adventures in Missions program. Since this is AIM’s 40th year anniversary they invited alumni to be a part of their flag presentation. We both were able to carry the flags of the fields that we went to as AIMers (Thailand and Japan). The presentation happened right before Francis Chan spoke so the stadium was packed! It was powerful experience to be a part of along side our AIM alumni friends.

AIMers modeling our new “I Pray for Bangkok” t-shirts

While in Tulsa we also had a really encouraging talk with Jay Jarboe. Jay was one of our missions instructors in AIM and Sunset International Bible Institute. Jay now works with Missions Resource Network (MRN), an organization that helps Churches of Christ plant strong congregations around the world by equipping churches and missionaries. We’re thankful for Jay’s help and guidance, he is a great mentor to us in life and ministry.

We’re also thankful to have so many missional churches in our network and mission minded friends. They have been a huge help to us during our support raising! Our support raising has been encouraging in many ways. Just knowing that so many love and care about us and what we’re striving to do in the Kingdom is a huge encouragement!

With our friend Michelle who works with Women for Eastern European Missions

We’re still far from reaching our monthly support goal. If you’re interested in getting more information on our financial needs and how to help you can go to our contact us tab (here) to let us know. You can even make a direct donation through Paypal right from our site. Keep us in your prayers with our support raising, and as we seek to partner with a sponsoring church.

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