Visas and New Studies

It seems that visa issues and political turmoil are just a given when it comes to foreign missions these days. We currently have nonimmigrant visas that are specific for NGO workers. Last week we went to do our first 90 day nonimmigrant check-in for our 1 year visas. It was a good thing that we went a couple weeks early because things didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped. We found out that we can’t extend our stay in Bangkok and will have to leave the country. Since we have a 1 year multiple entry visa, we’ll receive an additional 90 days once we return to Thailand. So this Wednesday we’ll be heading to Cambodia for our visa run, and will be spending a few days there visiting with some of the missionary families we know in Phnom Phen the nation’s capital.  


Last week was our last time to teach English at Suan Dusit for their school year. For our last time together we had a surprise pizza party. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know our students there more and look forward to spending more time with them at our English Camp later this summer.

Gary has been studying one-on-one with some of our students who were coming to our English class at the church building before. For these one-on-one studies he’s using the Bible to teach and giving the students an opportunity to practice their conversational English. The studies are going really well. It’s always amazing to see the excitement and curiosity that people have when hearing God’s word for the first time!   

Michelle Studying hard

Michelle studying hard at Thai school!

This past month Michelle has been studying Thai at a school near our apartment. Her 50 hours that she signed up for has just come to an end. So hopefully we’ll be able to find more time for her to resume studies sometime again soon. It was nice for her to get a start in understanding the language a little more. It’s a good start for her to be able to order coffee and food from the street vendors and to have simple conversations with our Thai friends.

Over the past week the demonstrations in Bangkok have gotten more violent. At times even clashing with the police. There have been several bombings at a rally site not too far away from the church building. The video above shows some of the recent events that have occurred. Please keep praying for the political tension in Thailand. It’s clearly far from over.

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  1. Steve Burns says:

    Praying that all goes well with your next visa trip and that you get a permanent solution soon! Always nice to see how things are going with you there – thanks for the update!

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